Danny describes how his alarm clock wakes him up, first with George Thorogood’s “Bad to the Bone,” progressing with each click of the snooze button until eventually his alarm clock inexplicably plays clown music. Of course, Sarah is afraid of clowns, and we mock Will for his fear of snakes, and also of horses. Danny brings us back to how he started with show, with a story of the time he chased a burglar out of their house. This morning he dealt with a different kind of home invasion: his gargling was interrupted by frantic cries from Amy because a bee had invaded their house. When Danny suggested she may have been overreacting, Amy described the bee as being as big as a Buick. So really, can you blame her?

Sarah reminds us about the fight a Florida woman got into, cutting her live-in boyfriend with a knife because he wouldn’t stop playing the Eagles. Sarah got into a fight, though not a physical one, with her future husband because she praised Nickelback and called Chad Kroeger a genius. (She swears Matt contemplated calling off their marriage.) Danny got into a fight with Amy because she loves Marc Bolan of T. Rex, and by way of apology, Danny made up with her by getting a T. Rex tattoo. Mike Jones would spar with a high school friend over which band was better, Bachman-Turner Overdrive or KISS. Have you ever gotten into a fight over a band?

Danny Bonaduce, Life Coach, gives advice to Sarah, who this morning noticed a motorist driving erratically and wonders whether she should have reported this driver to the police.

Sarah relays a news story about an eight-year-old boy who wrote to Santa Claus, asking him to stop kids from bullying his sister. Sarah asks Danny what the most unusual thing he ever asked Santa for, and he recalls that he asked for a burlap bag to he could slide down grassy hills. Mike Jones recalls that his son Jason once wrote a letter to Santa and asked him for a tape measure. That’s it, just a tape measure. What’s the most ridiculous thing you or your kids have ever asked for from Santa?

All this, and the game that’s sweeping the nation, Where Has Sarah’s Beaver Been, on today’s Danny Bonaduce Show.


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