By Scott Vanderpool

No not the kind that eat your brains or flesh like on The Walking Dead, but the band, who are playing Bumbershoot this weekend, Sunday Zeptember 1st on the Starbucks Stage at 8:15 PM. Last week I got to speak with keyboardist and songwriter Rod Argent from his home in England, and while he went on at length about the formation of The Zombies, The “British Invasion”, the band’s breakup in ’68, the band Argent, and tons more, I never got to ask him about….Zombies!

While the first Zombie movie is widely accepted to be director Victor Halperin’s 1932 film (the one Rob “Zombie” named his first band for) White Zombie, they’re more popular than ever worldwide now, as evidenced by movies like Shaun of the Dead (2004) and World War Z (2013) to name but a few…indeed Wikipedia lists some 643 motion pictures with Zombies as the central theme. The Zombie Walk in Fremont every year is by no means unique, they happen all over North America, the first believed to have been in Milwaukee in 2000. But I digress.

I had to get a Zombie’s take on the Zombie craze, and so rang up lead singer Colin Blunstone, a very nice man who was relaxing at home in Hertfordshire, England, and quite excited to be coming to Seattle Labor Day Weekend.


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