Danny experienced a road rage incident yesterday on southbound I-5 that started with him cutting someone off or someone cutting him off, he’s not sure. The other driver flipped Danny off, yelled and pounded on his steering wheel. The new, kinder, gentler Danny Bonaduce just smiled and waved, which he acknowledges probably annoyed the other driver that much more. Sarah questions why Danny was in a car by himself on I-5. Speaking of Sarah, she went out yesterday with Rick Jones of Goldberg Jones to watch the Mariners/Red Sox game, but she brushes aside any inkling that her hanging out with a divorce attorney means her marriage is in trouble. Hi Matt!

Sarah tells us about a guy caught with a prostitute in his car, and the excuse he gave police was that he was showing her where to buy tomatoes. Sarah asks Danny about lame excuses he has used, specifically one involving his motorcycle, which he intentionally crashed because he was running late for work. Mike Jones once told a state trooper that he was speeding so he could get home to spend Christmas with his dying mother (who wasn’t really dying), but he still got a ticket, and the trooper told him, “The law doesn’t take a holiday.” Have you ever used a lame excuse, and did it work?

Danny Bonaduce, Life Coach, advises a man whose wife had an affair and he wants to know how to get over it and carry on with his marriage.

Sarah reports on a couple that threw away a lottery ticket that turned out to be worth $1 million (fortunately, they dug through garbage and got it back). Sarah hasn’t thrown away a million-dollar lottery ticket, but she did mistakenly throw away a Starbucks card with $45 on it (she kept the one that had just 13 cents on it). Danny had a habit of throwing out the engagement ring after his girlfriend offended him. Have you ever thrown away something worth a lot of money?

All this, and Will, yes, Will asks a question of the Life Coach, on today’s Danny Bonaduce Show.

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