Danny took Dante to the Crab Pot in an expensive experiment to see if he liked crab. Fortunately, Dante did enjoy his crab despite the risk of puncture wounds. Speaking of puncture wounds, Danny took Dante to see “The Wolverine,” which they enjoyed. Danny really liked the hot Japanese women, particularly the assassin one (that’d be Yukio, played by Rila Fukushima), and Mike Jones concurs. Speaking of activities with family, Sarah’s brother-in-law is living with them and wants to stay in Seattle. And her mother-in-law is visiting this weekend, prompting the brother-in-law to move off the blow-up mattress onto the couch. Sarah has given her brother-in-law six months to find his own place, news that prompts Danny to think of Sarah as slightly less mean and evil than he did before.

Sarah tells us about a new brand of coffee from Joey Kramer, the drummer for Aerosmith, called Kramer’s Rockin’ and Roastin’ Coffee. This reminds her of a new coffee shop in New York that is all about making love connections. Sarah asks Danny to what ends he has gone to try to meet someone, and he recalls accepting an invitation to surf in order to meet Cameron Diaz. Sarah offered to let a film crew shoot in her apartment because she figured she could meet guys that way. What is the wackiest thing you’ve done to meet someone?

Danny Bonaduce, Life Coach, counsels a father whose chronically unemployed, pot-smoking 20-year-old daughter and her boyfriend are living in his house, and he has a problem with that.

Sarah points out that some local people are not thrilled with the legalization of marijuana, specifically with the smell that wafts through certain neighborhoods. Speaking of offensive odors, Sarah can’t stand it when someone throws a banana peel into the garbage in the studio, because it reeks like fermented bananas. Danny can’t stand the smell of kamikazes, because he once got violently ill after drinking lots of them. Will hates the smell of lemons, and for Mike Jones, it’s corn nuts. What smell can you not stand?

All this, and Sarah’s Filthy Forecast, on today’s Danny Bonaduce Show.

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