Sarah’s Beer of the Week 05.30.13

Oh Growler how I love thee.  It’s fun to go out to new places and get the growler filled with new beers.  I went to Chuck’s Hop Shop, Land of a Thousand Beers on NW 85th Street.  This place wins awards for its beer selection.  It blew my mind!  Who knew you could fit so many beers in one place.  Not only are the coolers completely full, but they have a ton of beers to drink on draft or put in a growler.  Plus, they have a different food truck outside each day.  But back to the beer.  One of the things I like the most is the display screen for the draft beer.  It’s like a tv screen, that tells you all the available beers, where it’s from, name of the brewer, how much booze, and more.  Sometimes I don’t want to drink a 8% ABV beer!  Or I at least want to know it’s 8% so I can stop at one or two.  So many beers looked good, it was difficult to make up my mind.  I think they had 38 beers on tap!  I eventually went with Rumble IPA from Great Divide Brewing Company.  This beer isn’t very hoppy, but is full of flavor.  One that stood out, was the unusual presence of oak.  The malt is forward, and the carbonation light.  Not what I was expecting, but definitely tasty.  It clocks in at 7.10%, and is crisp and refreshing.  Chuck’s is dangerous.  Dangerously awesome and I can’t wait to go back for a refill!


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