By Scott Vanderpool

George Harrison had just started playing with John Lennon and Paul McCartney, and all three of them no doubt were “well chuffed” to hear that The Killer, Jerry Lee Lewis was landing in London today in 1958 and would soon be coming to Liverpool on his 37 date tour. Unfortunately Jerry opened his mouth, though he’d been advised not to. When reporters asked questions about his private life, he told them plainly that his 14 year old bride was also his third cousin. The Brit press was not amused, and the outrage caused the tour to be sacked after three shows.

The Beatles had their 8th #1 American hit today in 1965 with Ticket To Ride. The first run of singles printed read “from the upcoming United Artists Release 8 Arms to Hold You, because they hadn’t thought of naming it Help! yet. These of course are quite valuable on the old E-Bay.

The Rolling Stones had their 2nd #1 American album today in 1971 with Sticky Fingers. It’s then-shocking zippered trouser snake cover was designed by Andy Warhol, and contrary to popular belief the crotch in question belongs not to Mick Jagger, but to a star of Warhol’s art films and a Greenwich Village gay icon, Joe Dellesandro.

Wings started a 5-week run at #1 in America today in 1976 with Paul’s 5th post-Beatles song to top the charts, one he wrote in response to some critics assertion (especially his Beatlemate John) that he wrote twee lightweight pop: Silly Love Songs.

Buttrock guitarist Vinnie Vincent, a member of KISS in the early 80’s, was being investigated for assault on his wife today in 2011, when police searching his Tennessee home found four dead dogs in “sealed containers”.

The Brit tabloid The Sun had a piece today in 2012 on how both Mick Jagger’s lavish retreat on Mustique and Keith Richards’ beachfront spot in the Turks and Caicos Islands in the Carribean were available at £9,500 and £35,000 per week respectively, but prospective vacationers had to submit full biographies and certified background checks before being considered.

Rock and Roll Birthdays

Elton John’s longtime lyricist and songwriting partner Bernie Taupin is 63, and also wrote These Dreams for Heart, the frequently-hated We Built This City for Jefferson Starship, and has 3 solo albums of poetry sometimes backed by members of Elton’s heyday band playing sitars and such, and two with a band he sings in that he says sounds like “Tumbleweed Connection Era” Elton called The Farm Dogs.

Jerry Dammers, founding keyboard player for British “Two-Tone” Ska band The Specials is 58. Jamaican music was a huge influence on many classic British bands, and these guys and their message of black and white coming together were huge there in the late 70’s and early 80’s. And we were listening to Whitesnake. Sigh.


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