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Will And Gibbons’ Excellent Sandwich Adventure

From the desk of Will Dixon:

Man my burps taste good right now.  You ever have a meal that is so good that you are actually happy for the little indigestion reminders that are still happening hours later?  Luckily for me, I’m friends with everyone’s new best friend Gibbons, who managed to hook it up for us to taste what he called “the only legit cheese steak in Seattle”.  Oh yeah, while I was enjoying my legit cheesesteak I also got to watch Gibbons learn to ride a bike like he was six years old. 

So I guess I need to back it up a little bit in case you are not totally up on your Danny Bonaduce and Sarah Show trivia.  When Danny and Sarah worked together in Philly, Gibbons worked with them as well.  He was loved so much that when the show started getting good ratings here in Seattle and Danny was given a chance to have anything he wanted, he chose Gibbons.  Now, I probably would have gone with money or something, but I’m happy he made the choice that he did.  So Gibbons moved out from Philly, but when he got here he ended up renting an apartment up on Cap Hill and was walking all the way in to work every day.  Danny decided to loan Gibbons his bike to make the trek a little easier, and hilarity ensued.  Why so funny you ask?  Well, Gibbons is a grown man who can’t ride a bike.  His first day riding in to work he managed to wreck the bike twice and has not ridden it since.

This is where Al and Jen come in.  See, Al owns a restaurant that serves nothing but cheesesteaks, and his fiancée knows how to ride a bike.  Everything our boy Gibbons could ask for!  They invited him to come on over to their restaurant on 4th Ave for a steak and a riding lesson.  I heard cheesesteak and invited myself along for the ride (get it, ride?!) as well.

I really would like to thank Al and Jen, their restaurant is amazing and they were a lot of fun.  I mean, they were willing to run along side the Tour de Gibbons on a crowded sidewalk in downtown Seattle during the lunch hour!  I was able to get a couple pictures of the action in between bites… I hope you enjoy them.  I also hope you get a chance to enjoy Al Calozzi’s sandwiches.  Their shop is over on 4th Ave between Union and University.


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