Despite an email from our boss ordering us not to complain on the air about our new computer system, the first words out of Will’s mouth this morning are complaints about our new computer system. Not trusting Will, we check to make sure he has turned all our microphones on. In doing so, we learn that Gibbons is still mourning the death of Chris Kelly of Kris Kross, and that Mike Jones made a photo montage to complement the audio of Olivia singing on the show earlier this week and posted it on YouTube. Speaking of kids, Danny refuses to be concerned that his son broke his arm, thinking it’ll toughen him up. Meanwhile, Danny’s housekeeper fears that a ghost is haunting Danny’s house. Sarah hasn’t seen a ghost in her home, but she does peep on her neighbors with frightening regularity.

We thank Olivia the elder, our co-worker, who baked a cake for Will’s birthday, which is Sunday. Sarah loves cake so much she could live in a bakery, specifically Bakery Nouveau. This reminds her of a news story this week, about a baby born on the subway in Mexico City, and who was given by the mayor the honor of riding the subway for free for life. With that in mind, Danny wishes he had been born at P.F. Chang’s. If you could enjoy your birthplace for free for life, where do you wish you had been born?

Danny Bonaduce, Life Coach, helps a father who is struggling with getting his 15-year-old son off the computer and into outdoor activities.

Sarah reports on a new camp concept in Northern California: summer camp for adults. Leave technology behind and go to camp just like you did when you were a kid. What product or experience for kids do you wish they made for adults?

Danny’s attempt to promote his upcoming Tacoma Comedy Club appearance is interrupted by a stench. See here.

All this, and the game that’s sweeping the nation, Where Has Sarah’s Beaver Been, on today’s Danny Bonaduce Show.

Listen to 5:45 to 7:00 a.m. HERE.

Listen to 7:00 to 8:00 a.m. HERE.

Listen to 8:00 to 9:00 a.m. HERE.


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