Bob Dylan’s British Invasion, And Did Keith Richards Snort His Father’s Ashes? This Day In Classic Rock [Video]

Author: Scott Vanderpool

Elvis Presley appeared on ABC’s Milton Berle Show tonight in 1956. The show was taped on the flight deck of the aircraft carrier U.S.S. Hancock tied up at the Navy base in San Diego, and it was estimated that 1 in every 4 Americans watched the show.

It was a bit of reverse British invasion today in 1964 as Bob Dylan went to #1 in England with his song The Times They Are A-Changing.

Peter Tork, who’d already befriended Stephen Stills at a Greenwich Village coffee shop and been recommended by him and auditioned for the gig as one of TV’s prefab-four The Monkees, opened a short solo run at Hollywood’s Troubadour Club tonight in 1966.

Pink Floyd played at the Marquee Club in London tonight in 1966. They’d established themselves as one of the central bands in the burgeoning psychedelic scene at the UFO club, but the Marquee was considered more mainstream and prestigious, the launching point for bands like The Who, The Rolling Stones, The Animals, and The Yardbirds.

George Harrison recorded the vocal track and added more sitar to the only one of his songs to make it onto Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band today in 1967. Within You, Without You was the second of his Indian-influenced songs  (Love To You had come out on Revolver the year before), and the first with Indian musicians and no other Beatles. The other track he recorded for the album, Only A Northern Song, which poked at John and Paul’s publishing company Northern Songs, was left off the album, but included on the Yellow Submarine soundtrack that came out the next year.

The Doors frontman Jim Morrison was back home in Los Angeles today in 1969 when he turned himself in to the F.B.I. fearing additional Federal charges of Interstate Flight after being charged with lewd behavior and indecent exposure after a show in Miami on March 2nd. He was released after posting $2000 bail, but would die in Paris before coming to trial in Miami. He would be posthumously pardoned by outgoing Florida governor Charlie Crist in 2010, a Doors fan who later defected the Republican party to become a Democrat.

Steve Miller was charged with assault and resisting arrest today in 1975, after setting fire to the clothing of one Benita Diorio. She was still putting out the flames when San Francisco police arrived, and Steve got into a fight with them.

U2 wrapped up a 29 date U.K. tour tonight in 1983 with an appearance on the BBC’s Top Of The Pops.

Nirvana and Kurt Cobain’s wife Courtney Love’s band Hole’s planned joint tour was cancelled today in 1994 amid swirling rumors of Kurt’s drug addiction. Kurt would be found dead at his Denny-Blaine house 5 days later.

Keith Richards did some serious backpedalling today in 2007 when he publicly denied what he’d said in an earlier interview in Britain’s New Musical Express that he’d mixed the cremated ashes of his late father, mixed them with cocaine and snorted them. His manager said the remark was made as a joke, but NME interviewer Mark Beaumont was convinced he had been telling the truth, telling the BBC news “There were too many details for him to be making it up.”

Rock and Roll Birthdays

Jan and Dean singer William “Jan” Berry would be 72. He died two weeks shy of his 65th birthday, never completely recovering from crashing his Corvette near the “Dead Man’s Curve” from his 1964 hit song in the 80’s.

Richard Manuel of The Band would be 70. He took his own life in 1986, apparently drunk and high on cocaine. Bandmate Rick Danko said at the time, “I can’t believe in a million years that he meant for that to happen. There was just no sign. I have to think this was just a goddamned silly accident.”

Fairport Convention guitarist Richard Thompson is 64. He was made an Officer of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (OBE) for his services to music in 2011.



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