Danny calls for the death of Punxsutawney Phil, because the little varmint indicated that spring was right around the corner, yet it is cold out this morning and, in some parts, snowing. The cold weather made Sarah regret the skimpy dress she wore to last night’s red-carpet premiere of the third season of “Game of Thrones” at the Cinerama. Sarah is thrilled that she got to meet Jon Snow and Ygritte and Sansa and Samwell (and yes, she refers to them by their character names). She was less thrilled by the discovery that Will is a habitual movie theater talker. (“I LOVE THIS SHOW!” “YOU CAN’T KILL THAT GUY!” “YOU DID NOT JUST SAY THAT!”) Oh Will.

Sarah told us this morning about guy who had a constantly itchy back and finally discovered that he had a knife blade in his back from being stabbed three years ago. She also recalls the report that 17,000 men a year have to go to the emergency room because they caught their whozitz in their zipper. Speaking of odd ways in which we’ve been hurt, Danny tells the heartwarming story of getting kicked in the whozitz during karate class. In what odd way did you hurt yourself, prompting an embarrassing medical condition?

Danny Bonaduce, Life Coach, advises a woman who met her boyfriend in methadone rehab but now feels like a different person, and doesn’t know how to break up with him.

Actor/comedian Tommy Davidson calls the show to promote his show at the Moore Theatre on Saturday, March 30 and to demonstrate for us how Arnold Schwarzenegger sounds when he’s in peril.

All this, and the game that’s sweeping the nation, Where Has Sarah’s Beaver Been, on today’s Danny Bonaduce Show.

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