Danny recalls his eventful “morning” waking up so late that he wasn’t going to make it into the station on time to start the show! Without any of his co-host’s phone numbers and Amy out of town, he had no way of contacting anyone. In a panic, Danny was scrambling around until his junk drawer started ringing…looking through the abyss of useless objects and old phones he found one that was ringing!  Danny does some further investigation, finding Will’s phone number and calls him immediately, he asks “What are you doing!?” Will, still at home was perplexed with Danny’s call and had to inform him that it was 6 pm the night BEFORE the show. We can all sigh with relief that Mr. Bonaduce did in fact make it to today’s show on time!

We have come to the conclusion of our Not So Newlywed game! Today’s contestants, Brittany and Justin were an extremely cute young couple! It was looking like we had a promising winner when the game started to progress. But did they succeed?! Tune in to find out!

Danny advises a women with a daughter who is addicted to heavy narcotics. He guides her through this touchy subject, letting her know that she can help her daughter all she wants but ultimately she is the one who will choose her fate.  Listen to the whole story and more on today’s Danny Bonaduce Life Coach!

The game today…what is your biggest turn-off? Danny doesn’t like it when girls have a “bad grill” Will and Sarah concur with this statement, and also add bad breath to the list. Caller’s input their opinions with tun-offs such as cankles, too much perfume, man hands, and bad attitudes!

All this, and Sarah’s Beaver on The Danny Bonaduce Show!


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