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Listen To Today’s Danny Bonaduce Show – Friday, February 1

Danny is feeling “fairly remarkable” today because Volkswagen’s Super Bowl commercial this year resurrects the old Partridge Family hit “Come On Get Happy,” and because he has two different trading cards bearing his likeness, representing two different careers, that came out 40 years apart. He contends these achievements elevate him above the cast of “Friends,” because they don’t have a song in a Super Bowl commercials, or multi-career, multi-decade trading cards. By the way, Ross and Rachel were on a break.

Sarah reports on a list of the most expensive stores in America, which is topped by the Oscar de la Renta store in New York, where the average amount spent by a single shopper is $3,000. Sarah shares her fondness for boots, and considers a couple of pairs of expensive boots to be the priciest indulgence she’s ever purchased. What is the most expensive, non-essential thing you ever purchased?

Danny Bonaduce, Life Coach, offers guidance to a woman in recovery who just doesn’t want to hear her roommate’s stories of promiscuity and drug and alcohol use.

Researchers have examined the height differences between couples, and determined there may be a biological reason that women prefer men who are taller than them. Danny states his preference for shorter women…and taller women, and women of every size in between. Have you ever dated someone much taller or much shorter than you?

All this, and the game that’s sweeping the nation, Where Has Sarah’s Beaver Been, on today’s Danny Bonaduce Show.

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