Danny accuses Will of being a narc for insisting on following him home, disturbed as Will was about the symptoms Danny exhibited after having hit his head on the toilet before yesterday’s show. Danny asserts his condition wasn’t that bad, though Sarah points out that yesterday he called her a “borrible hitch,” Will witnessed what may have been the world’s first solo Chinese fire drill, and Danny at one point expressed frustration over not being able to tie his socks.

What are you into that people might be surprised to know you like? Danny is really, really into taking bubble baths. Sarah is into WWE wrestler John Cena. Mike Jones likes sharks, and Will is into pedicures. What surprising thing are you into?

Danny Bonaduce, Life Coach, advises a woman who is depressed, and feels she can’t get help because she doesn’t have insurance, which makes her more depressed.

Sarah was flipping around yesterday and caught some of “Avatar,” and thought about Danny, who has expressed his interest in relations with really tall blue aliens. Sarah’s movie fantasy involves becoming Indiana Jones. If you could step into any movie role, what character would you become?

All this, and Sarah’s Filthy Forecast, on today’s Danny Bonaduce Show.

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