Celebrity auctioneer Darren Julien is gearing up for a massive sale of over 600 items belonging to Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood’s and his ex-wife Jo Wood. Much like many of Julian’s Auctions past collections, this auction has created some controversy because Ronnie has recently come out as opposed to the sale of his personal belongings, denying his involvement in the ‘joint’ sale. In response to those recent statements coming out Ronnie Wood’s camp saying he’s “shocked and disappointed” at the auctioning off his personal belongings, and that the auction has been “misrepresented as a joint sale,” Julien claims Ronnie has known about the auction since its start.

“[The items] were both owned by Ronnie and Jo and that’s how we’re representing it,” Julien told Los Angeles radio station K-EARTH. “And to be honest with you, I think it’s more of the people surrounding him giving the statements rather than Ronnie himself.” The auction house has items from the couple’s London home, which they lived in for nearly 30 years, and handwritten lyrics, guitars, and clothing handmade by Jo during various Rolling Stones tours.

Julien says that the auction hasn’t torn the couple apart further, despite the statements released by Ronnie’s publicist. “They’ve remained friends, they’re still very close friends,” he said. “He’s known about the auction since we started working on it. I think he’s just a little surprised at some of the things she has, but as she said, a lot of the clothing items that are from the tour she actually made for him.” (There haven’t been any statements from Ron or his camp suggesting that this is true.)

While auctioning off all your once other half’s belongings may seem like a ploy to get bitter revenge, Julien insists that Jo isn’t looking to get back at Ronnie at all. “She’s not bitter at all, she’s actually very lovely,” he said, adding that she was actually on conference calls with Ron and himself. Now the important question; can Ronnie bid on his own stuff at the auction? Julien says yes, but he might have some tough competition from avid memorabilia collectors.

If you want to own a piece of rock and roll history, the Ronnie and Jo Wood Collection will go up for auction on October 27th at Julien’s Auctions Beverly Hills gallery. Jo Wood will also be there in person giving interviews at the auction.

To hear more, listen to our full interview with Darren Julien below!

Britt Bickel, K-EARTH 101


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