Can T.O. Gel with P.C.?

It seemed like for several years, it was impossible to get Terrell Owens out of the news. From the egocentric quotes at post-game press conferences to the alleged suicide attempt, T.O. was in your face 24/7.

After a tumultuous end with the San Francisco 49ers, he flocked to the Philadelphia Eagles to hook up with quarterback Donovan McNabb in pursuit of a championship. Unfortunately for T.O., his ego and the city of Philadelphia clashed and his exit would be even louder than his departure from the city by the bay — when T.O. was released, relieved fans were seen burning his jersey.

His stint in Dallas with the Cowboys was also a nightmare. After two seasons of tirades, he was released, having burned bridges with several marquee Cowboys, including owner Jerry Jones.

In 2009 he signed a one-year deal with the Buffalo Bills. It was a mediocre year for the superstar, but he did become the sixth player to reach 1,000 receptions in a year…presumably solidifying his place in the Hall of Fame. In 2010, Owens played less than a season’s worth of a games for the Cincinnati Bengals. And for the past year, Owens has been playing arena football for the Allen Wranglers.

So where does that leave us?

The now 38-year-old Owens is getting a shot to fly onto the Seattle Seahawks roster.

The Hawks already have a QB controversy brewing between Matt Flynn, Tavaris Jackson and Russell Wilson. But before Seattle can even play with the idea of Owens being apart of the offense, there really needs to be some thought put into whether head coach Pete Carroll can have a guy like T.O. on his team. Carroll is a fiery, passionate, enthusiastic coach who the younger players look up to. His attitude is falls along the lines of, “shut up and play hard.” Is that a statement Terrell Owens can get behind?

You have to figure he’s mature at the ripe age of 38…and probably only has a year, maybe two, of NFL left in the tank.

So the question is: Is the added C+/B- offensive weapon (T.O.) worth the potential circus (T.O.)? Some say “yes” because the often lackluster offense absolutely needs a spark. And though Owens can be a wildfire off the field, his physical presence is always a threat between the endzones.

I was working for another radio station in 2002, in their end-zone suite at Seahawks Stadium during a 2002 Monday Night Football game against the 49ers, about 15 feet from the famous end zone celebration when T.O. caught a TD pass over the top of Shawn Springs, then pulled a sharpie from his sock, autographed the ball, and handed it to Shawn’s financial adviser in the suite next door, making him one of the most-hated opponents in 12-Army history.  I know a lot of ‘Hawks fans who’d like to take a sharpie to his forehead and add two letters to T.O……AST!” -Scott Vanderpool

What do you think?


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