In case you aren’t aware of the twisted love triangle that eventually landed a $50 million dollar lawsuit against Journey  guitarist, Neal Schon, here is the quick one-two.  Many years ago Neal had a fling with a lady named Micheale (Mick-Ale), but eventually they both wound up going their Separate Ways. 

Neal, of course, continued on his rock star trek, while Micheale went on and married a millionaire named Tariq Salahi.  You may remember the Salahi couple as the one’s who crashed a White House dinner party a few years back.  Shortly after that dinner, trouble began brewing for the Salahi’s, and one day when Tariq went away on business he came home later to discover his wife missing.

Days went by and Tariq eventually filed a missing persons report on his wife only to find out that she wasn’t missing at all.  In fact, she had left her husband and was now shacking up with her old fling, Neal Schon.  Once the secret was made public, allegedly, Schon began harassing Tariq in the form of countless text messages telling in detail of how Neal was Lovin’, Touchin’, and Squeezin’ Micheale all hours of the day and night.  And just to add salt to the wound, Neal also ‘allegedly’ sent a barrage of x-rated pictures to Tariq’s cell phone.  As you can imagine this caused Tariq to lose his mind, and he eventually filed a $50 million dollar lawsuit against Neal Schon for emotional distress.

Finally, this past week the case went to court and the judge didn’t agree with Tariq’s side of the lawsuit and tossed it.  And now the love story between Neal and Micheale can continue with Open Arms.  Now, don’t quote me on this one, but I think I read somewhere that on the way out of the court room, Neal looked over at Tariq and said “Who’s Cryin’ Now?”




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