Apparently Axl Rose is having a rough time of it over in Europe.

First there was public outcry over Rose’s so-called ban against attendees wearing Slash t-shirts to Guns N’ Roses concerts – a rule security enforced last week (May 31) at London’s O2 Arena, due to the feud between Rose and GNR’s original guitar god. But that wasn’t all for London drama: The crowd reportedly threw plastic cups and money at the members of GNR because they were nearly an hour late in taking the O2 stage, at which point they threatened to walk off.

Then CNN reported that $200,000 worth of Rose’s personal jewelry was stolen in Paris, at an after-party for Guns N’ Roses’ Paris show Tuesday night (June 5). The three diamond-and-gold necklaces that were stolen were not being worn by Rose at the time, but being guarded by his own personal security squad in a private lounge. Local police noted that only invited guests and Axl’s entourage were permitted to enter the area containing the jewelry. Police apprehended the culprit, reports French newswire Agence France-Presse.

The thief, a model, returned the jewelry to Parisian police yesterday (June 6). The woman was arrested, despite claiming not knowing how she acquired the necklaces during an after-party for GNR’s Paris concert on Tuesday (June 5). The theft left Rose enraged – but he still has a long way to go on Guns N’ Roses’ tour of Europe, which runs through July 22.

– Jillian Mapes, CBS Local


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