We complained…we do that a lot…and Seattle’s annual Labor Day Weekend extravaganza Bumbershoot has finally been adding some Classic Rock to it’s 2012 lineup: Legendary British rocker and Mott The Hoople frontman Ian Hunter is playing Sunday September 2nd. Not that they did it because of us or anything, but some of us like Classic Rock and Roll bands a lot more than hipsters jumping up and down to laptops.

Mott the Hoople, who named themselves after a 1966 Willard Manus novel, were one of England’s best-loved “glam” bands in the early 70’s. But the legions of fans who showed up to see them live rarely bought their records and the band was on the verge of breakup in 1972 when a fan…David Bowie…offered them his song Suffragette City, thinking a hit might keep them together. Ian didn’t think it was good enough, but like the second song Bowie offered: All The Young Dudes, which Bowie produced. That’s not all Ian took from David.  When Mott guitarist Mick Ralphs left the following year to start Bad Company, Bowie’s Spiders From Mars guitarist Mick Ronson joined Mott the Hoople, and continued to work with Hunter on and off until he died in 1993. Mott had another American hit with a true-story song about Mick Ralphs on a US tour, All The Way To Memphis.

His song Once Bitten, Twice Shy was a big hit for 80’s buttrockers Great White:

and his Cleveland Rocks became the theme song to The Drew Carey Show. For his part,  Mick Ralphs couldn’t get Mott the Hoople to do his song Can’t Get Enough because it was out of Ian’s vocal range.  Paul Rogers did not seem to have a problem with it.

Also Saturday September 2nd at Bumbershoot is the “Harmonica House Party“, with two of the best players to ever pick up the instrument: Lee Oskar from War, and Richard “Magic Dick” Salwitz of the J. Geils Band.


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