Snag Your Spot with Scott You Bleacher Creature!

b creaturepost1 Snag Your Spot with Scott You Bleacher Creature!

102.5 KZOK knows that there’s nothing you’d like more on a sunny day in Seattle than to skip work, and head to the stadium….well guess what….we get it….and we’re ready to help.
All week long, call in when cued with your best idea for an excuse to get out of work and if Scott Vanderpool likes your answer, we’ll invite you to join us with a pair of tickets to the M’s Game on Thursday May 19th, a Bleacher Creature T-Shirt, and an all around good time with KZOK at the Baseball Game.

Listen daily weekday mornings between 6am and 10am, have your phone nearby, and get ready to call in when Scott tells you to!…Will you be the next 102.5 KZOK Bleacher Creature?

Also, be sure to join as at the King Street Bar and Oven before the game! Who doesn’t like a good party and drink specials at 11am?

*Disclaimer: 102.5 KZOK is not responsible if you use your idea and you actually get fired from your job.

Check out the official rules HERE


One Comment

  1. Greg Stevens says:

    The reason I deserve to win tickets to see the Mariners is I am salried at work .That means over worked and under paid.Besides that, it might keep me from strangling the owners son who gets paid to make our jobs more stressful.

  2. Sarah Hoggarth says:

    HI guys! I would love to go to the game! I have 2 toddlers 1.5 & 3 y.o. My husband has been staying at home for almost 2 years with them. I work for T-Mobile and now have a possible layoff in 11 months due to the AT&T purchase:(. We are exhausted and need a day off in the sun w/ Mariners!! My excuse for work: I am pissed that i will have to pay full price for a cell phone plan in less than a year-no more employee benefits. I am sick of driving to Bellevue from Everett. I hate traffic. I need a break!

  3. Jim Marcotte says:

    I need a day off from work badly. See, I work at home and my wife is also home all day. This means not only does my boss hound me electronically and over the phone, but my wife is constantly badgering me too. Double Jeopardy if you will. So, please consider my entry. A day at the ballpark with a cold beer in one hand sounds like a winner !

    1. Camryn says:

      Great submissions everybody, however in order for your excuse to count, you need to fill out the entry form above. It says “Click HERE to enter” You will receive an automated confirmation that we received your entry.

  4. John Popenoe says:

    Hi KZOK! I think I deserve to win tickets because I am working 6 days a week just to pay my bills. I had to quit my old job because of a huge tax debt and they didn’t pay taxes. Now I’m making less, lost my house to foreclosure, bankrupted, and am working constantly to pay bills. But worse of all, I get no chance to listen to music or play my guitar. I need to be part of a huge Mariner victory to make it all worth it. Help me KZOK!!!

  5. Amy Roth says:

    I work for my him but really need a day off. If I win I think I will take my sister-in-law or maybe my sister or….. Well…. anyone but the boss…..

  6. Mark Parrett says:

    I don’t really deserve the tickets but would love to take my wife, who’s having a birthday on Friday. Besides the birthday girl, she’s also looking for a new job having been recently laidoff. Maybe the game would help get her mind off of getting older and looking for work at the same time.


  7. Shannon Stiles says:

    Hey do you have to listen to find out if you win? Or will the station call? Cause with me being in class it’s kind of hard to listen. Please let me know. Thanks

  8. John Simonds says:

    My work won’t even miss me!!!

  9. Bryan Dittmar says:

    My excuse for missing work will be ” While cashing my pay check at a local bank I witnessed a bank robbery and have been subpoenaed to testify.” “I have to be in court all day and therefore cannot make it in today.”

  10. Sherri Sutton says:

    I work for a local brewery, (Redhook) and in order to ensure that we are all getting a quality beer for the money, I MUST taste all of the Redhook taps at Safeco. It’s a dirty job, but somebody’s got to do it.

  11. Kim Moorehead says:

    because i am getting ready to start working with an elder who is retiring, and has been manually does her accounting….for 3 flippin MONTHS.

  12. TOP JIMMY says:

    My brother is having triple by-pass surgery & I won’t be in today.

  13. Theresa says:

    Just tell them you’re profusely bleeding from any orifice.

  14. Joe Doney says:

    Hey Boss! KZOK is having a Free Concert Give-away today and you know you don’t pay me enough to buy the tickets so I’m staying home so I can win them!

  15. Kerstin says:

    I can’t come into work today. I just woke up in the hospital after passing out from the permanent marker fumes of the pen I used to try and draw on eyebrows after discovering that my actual eyebrows had been burnt off after I fell asleep on the stove last night…
    Plus my hair looks like a brillo pad…I might be a bit of a distraction and scare small children. By any chance, does this contest include a hat? I could use one.

  16. Blake Sanderson says:

    I can’t go to school today because last night a meteor struck my house killing my dog. Consequently today I will be attending his funeral and not coming to school.

  17. barry kaszycki says:

    Boss,I awoke this morning and something is wrong with my eyes,I won’t be there today as i can’t see comming in

  18. Ken LeGault says:

    I put a great reason why & you said you liked it, but I didn’t know I had to enter….My response or excuse was ” My wifes water broke & she is having triplets”

  19. Ken LeGault says:

    I was the one that said ” My wifes water broke & she is having triplets”….I didn’t know I needed to do thi part until now.

  20. jack day says:

    I do not need to be at work no one will miss me

  21. Rodney Van Houten says:

    I want to win,because all I do is work.haven’t been to a game yet this year.Big fan!!!My boss won’t even let me call in sick without a note,so this would be great to go.

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