Steve Perry Wants To Rejoin Journey

steve perry jeff gross Steve Perry Wants To Rejoin Journey

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Yesterday we reported that Journey, Foreigner and Styx were going to play together in Europe and it was interesting that none of the bands has now the original frontman anymore. Today we got news that Steve Perry wants to be back with Journey. Perry left the Bay Area AOR legends for good in 1998 to embark on a solo career. He was replaced by Steve Augeri and then Jeff Scott Soto. But in 2007 and after watching a video in Youtube, the remaining members of Journey found a Filipino guy, Arnel Pineda, who blew them away, and since then he is been the frontman of the band.

According to the members of Journey, Steve Perry asked them to be back. The band was reportedly shocked when approached by Perry to rejoin them. Journey guitarist Neal Schon told Britain’s Daily Star, “He seems to be enjoying the spotlight a little too much. The fact is he’s no longer the lead singer. He walked out.”

Why don’t we compare the 2 Journeys, with Steve and Arnel Pineda? Who do you like better?

Journey With Steve Perry

Journey With Arnel Pineda


One Comment

  1. Shari Jo Phillips says:

    Are they kidding? I saw “Journey w/Pineda.He was o.k. as he was himself NOT trying to be Steve Perry,BUT without Steve Perry,there NEVER WAS,NEVER WILL BE Journey-Steve Perry HAS BEYOND AMAZING VOCALS!The members of Journey,are messed up if they do NOT JUMP ON THIS!!!!REALLY?WOW………

    1. Just saw Journey…Foreigner rocked it by far ….seriously couldn’t they get someone with more sex appeal, it was like watching American idol or a tribute band. Missing Steve Perry or someone close…so sad really.

      1. Sandra says:

        I totally agree!!! It was like and Idol show… No Steve Perry… No Journey… Never will be…

  2. Jeff says:

    not being able to sell out the bathroom @ a McDonaldsNeal….still living a lie. Actually, Perry didnt “walk out”, he was forced out, as the rest of the band didnt want to wait for him to have hip replacement surgery. C’mon Neal, stop kidding the fans, Perry will ALWAYS be “Journey”, and will ALWAYS be bigger than the band. No disrespect to Arnel, good singer, he’s NOT Perry though. Stop ripping off the fans with the current “tribute version” of the band, and get the ONLY man you’ve made “Eagles like $$$$ with”(Perry), and do a reunion tour?

    The More Neal talks, the more of an asshole he continues to look like. Lets not forget “Neal”, YOU didnt really want him on the band from the beginning? W/Perry, you went from not being able to sell out the bathroom of a McDonalds, to stadium tours, and 75+ million records sold.

    Stop living in your sad, patehtic world, and just call Stevie?

    1. Eugene says:

      So very true.

      Neal Schon is an #&%*$#, and as you mentioned Jeff, he forced Steve Perry out because he didn’t want to wait for him to have hip replacement surgery.

      I know what you mean about Neal. Neal Schon acts like he’s the reason why Journey is popular but it’s Steve Perry who made the band what it was. Steve Perry lead Journey to greatness, they had stadium tours and 75 million records (number from Wikipedia).

      Journey’s been around since 1973 but they only became big-time after Steve Perry joined.

      Arnel is an ok signer but I won’t purchase any of the music with him signing.

      Neal Schon wants to make it seem like Steve walked out when it was Neal who forced him out of the band because he didn’t want to wait for him to have hip replacement surgery.

      But what really pissed me off was a comment by Neal last year at a televised concert. Neal claimed “Arnel is the best thing that’s every happened to Journey”. This shows that Neal Schon is an asshole, if it wasn’t for Steve Perry, no stadium tours and Journey would not have 75 million albums.

  3. John Cole says:

    Steve Perry was not the original singer in Journey.He was predated by Robert Fleischman and Greg Rolie so technically that puts him at number 3.

    1. Steve's Biggest Fan says:

      your point?

      1. matteroffact says:

        This rumor has been going round since 2007. Nothing more than a rumor. Steve did not quit the band, he was forced to make a decision while contemplating hip surgery.Steve announced in a live interview last month that he is currently recording new material. Steve Perry online says Steve has written 50 new songs. These idiotic rumors need to end! Tabloids only make up stories such as this in hopes of creating a reason for Steve to respond to them personally…Steve’s been around long enough to know about tabloid tactics, why do they bother wasting time? If you want to know the truth, listen only to live interviews!!! Steve participated in at least four or five this past year. I can’t wait to hear his next release, whenever he decides to deliver is no matter to me, I’ll buy it! One last thing, Arnel…I bought the Journey CD released in 2008 and could not sit through it the first time. Sounds like karaoke and in my book a total Waste of money!

    2. Allan says:

      That is true but the band didn’t take off until Steve Perry joined the band. The Steve Perry years were their most successful years. When was their last hit? It was “When you love a women” from the Trial by Fire album in 1995. They have chemistry with Steve Perry and need to put their pride aside and get back together to record some more good Journey music.

    3. Greg says:

      True , BUT understand Journey DID NOT hit stardom the way they did until Perry joined. Folks need to give it a rest as far as who and how many vocalists sung for Journey. Plain and simple, the big bucks and massive popularity did not and I mean did not muster up to anything close to explosive until Perry’s voice entered their band. Furthermore, every single vocalist after Journey has been attempting to emulate Perry’s voice. Anyone thinking otherwise is either blind or too stupid to admit it.

      1. Jeff Conwill says:

        and every vocalist since perry was through with in a year or two due too voice trouble little boy luck is next

  4. Patty Lee says:

    No one can replace Steve Perry,,,,,, I think this was a hoax thrown out there to sell Tickets

  5. Annabelle Reedy says:

    Stever Perry, Steve Perry, Steve Perry! No one else is The Voice, but Steve Perry. No matter how much Arnel sounds “similar” to him, it is not the same – he can’t hit the high notes like Steve and put the passion and moves in the performance – no one can – there is only one Steve Perry!

    1. Niceboy says:

      Steve Perry has got a great voice but he is not a versatile singer. Did you hear Arnel’s cover songs? Also stop living in the past. I heard Steve’s recent live performances he sound terrible. How could he sustain going on a road tour all year round.

  6. FRED says:

    Steve Perry, of course. Journey is nothing more than a cover band without Perry.

  7. Ms Pete says:

    To me Steve Perry was Journey, his voice literally made me weak and want to surrender myself to him in every way possible……

    1. Steve's Biggest Fan says:

      oooo, I couldn’t agree more, Ms Pete!!!

    2. Steve's Biggest Fan says:

      ooooh, I couldn’t agree more, Ms Pete!

  8. Laura Holmes says:

    face it, there are only a few people in this world whose voice is so recongnizable that you know who it is with the first word, Steve Perry is one of those people. Journey has and NEVER will be the same until he comes back. The men of Journey claim they have moved on, but the fact is that the only thing they have done is to desperately try to replace Steve Perry’s voice, they have NOT succeeded!! Journey is only JOURNEY WITH STEVE PERRY!!!!!!!!!!

    1. June Anne from UK says:

      I totally agree Laura and couldn’t have said it better myself.

      1. Laura Holmes says:

        Thank you June Anne!

      2. JIm says:

        Face it, all the post Perry versions of Journey are essentially tribute cover bands.

    2. SCHELL says:

      AMEN!!!! SO TRUE!!!

  9. Vincent says:

    People, YOU have to face facts, Perry can no longer sing. Why he would even want to re-join is baffling. At the Bill Graham tribute Steve had Neal and Jonathan play in lower keys. When they did “Trial By Fire” Steve’s voice was computer modulated to make it sound better. If you heard him at the White Sox ceremony, he tore up “Don’t Stop Believin”. I used to think he could walk on water, but the truth is, he’d sink just like any of the rest of us. Steve Perry was phenomenal when he was in his hey-day, but there is no more “hey-day” Read the Herbie Herbert (former Journey manager) interviews. He’ll give you a lot of insight as to how Perry was as a member of the band.

    1. mmc says:

      So what if he can’t sing as good as years ago….one song is all he has to do.I’d be honored to hear anything that comes out of his mouth!My love for him has lasted to this day.even my Granddaughter loves his music and she’s 9 years old!

  10. KIRK says:

    journey with Arnel Pineda…he is awesome!

  11. scott d says:

    they should be begging him to come back

  12. mike says:

    I guess Neal has a short memory. As stated below,Steve was waiting on his hip to heal and the band was sick of waiting and replaced him. And when is the last time the even sould out aa arena? Neal you had your chance and blew it so keep on doing cover tunes. At least Van Halen didn’t get a DLR sound alike and when ozzy got canned from sabbath they did not get an ozzy clone.. Hey Neal without Steve PErry you would be playing whicky on a thursday night doing hendrix covers.

    1. Steve's Biggest Fan says:


  13. jack says:

    How many hits does journey have since the FIRED PERRY. Yeah I can’t name one. Neal grow up alreadyo wonder you went through 3 wives

  14. G says:

    Love them both but Perry is the true voice of Journey. I wouldn’t even care if his voice has aged. I’m sure it has. For example, when I go see Rush, do I want to see a great singer that sounds like Geddy Lee? No. I want the true voice.

  15. Steve's Biggest Fan says:

    Steve Perry IS Journey!! Always was ….Always will be!!! PLEASE COME BACK STEVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Tami says:

    They should just stop playing songs Steve Perry wrote. If they want to be a Perry-less Journey and Schon doesn’t see the value in Perry… he should stop playing the tunes that Perry wrote that made Journey JOURNEY.

  17. Brian says:

    Perry of course! I seen Perry twice. This is a fake rumour anyway.

  18. MIkeK says:

    This video of Perry is 29 years old…not a fair comparison. I would like to see him sing Journey songs NOW, at age 60, and see if he holds up. Pineda has a great voice, just slightly different. He holds his own against Perry. Besides, he’s younger, hungrier, and more loyal than Perry will ever be. Perry can go back to doing solo tours, and sing Journey songs there. Plus, if he really wanted back in the band, he would have done it a long time ago!!

    1. andy says:

      go steve perry u rock

  19. Dale says:


  20. Brian says:

    There are widespread media reports online today attributed to a news item posted online, suggesting that Steve Perry had reached out to his former Journey band mates to rejoin the band.
    These reports are 100% false. There has been no contact between parties and Journey has a new studio album with vocalist Arnel Pineda due early 2011 and a full touring schedule planned through 2012.
    Any such rumors of Steve Perry’s return are to be disregarded.

  21. GLENN says:

    It’s one thing to copy a great singer but you can never replace the real thing. Like so many bands they may find a sound alike or look alike but when they try to write new material it lacks the soul that only the original can bring.

  22. Mister B says:

    Greg Rolie would be my vote.

    1. werewuf says:

      Thumbs up!!!

  23. Melanie Young says:

    No comparison. Steve Perry is the best singer in the country! Journey would not have been successful without Steve so they need to let him back in the band if that is what Steve wants. We love you Steve!

  24. Richard Stilwell says:

    I am up in the air about this!!!!
    Arnel is amazing but Steve Perry is the voice of Journey.
    Why did Steve quit to start with and why has Arnel stayed….
    Hard decision for this awesome band and not fair to ask this of them to start with,
    I can go either way but It is a decision I would never want to be faced with!!!
    2 awesome Front Men 1 amazing and awesome band …. Let Gene Simmons decide. lol

  25. Steven O'Doyle says:

    I am 30 years old, obviously I was never old enough to actually see Steve Perry live. Getting that out of the way, I would give every organ in my body to see him just in concert. I went to Journey with Arnel and it was ok, but I won’t/didn’t buy their new CD. Arnel is a great singer for the Journey Cover band that is now touring. I won’t go to another concert, I won’t buy their CDs. If Steve Perry ever sings again, even if it is one time in China I will be there front row. If Neal wants to make money, he needs to give the world Steve Perry.

    1. foreverfan says:

      Hey guys, I just heard this rumor that Steve Perry wants Neal to to join him in attending the Last Supper that is to be held December 21 2010 at the Giants Stadium 4:00 pm till? LOL How many silly scenarios can we dream up? This is an old rumor! Besides, if Steve were to get back with Journey it would be the event of the century! I believe Journey should have the good business sense to accept that offer if it really were true. Think of all the money they could rake in…

      1. foreverfan says:

        Ooops! That date again is December 21, 2012!

  26. mmc says:

    OMG, if Steve Perry sings with Journey again would be a dream come true.Nothing against Arnel , he has a nice voice, but my heart belongs to Steve Perry and always will.i still play my Cds’ almost every day and love them more now than years ago.Please make this Grandmas dream come trueIi love you and your incredible voice Steve!!!!

    1. foreverfan says:

      I guess what goes around does come back around. This rumor’s been going since 2007. Only When we hear it from Steve and Neal that they have decided to sit down for a big secret pow-wow conference. Then maybe, there might possibly, be a chance for their reunion. Otherwise, Just more of the same old rumors…As it’s been said, their reunion would ring up a whole lotta dolla $igns!!! I do wish those guys would pick ’em up that peace pipe and smoke up a few hundred Stadiums for old times sake…

  27. richard milsak says:

    look it`s alright to be in the spotlight for awhile,but it`s time for the real steve perry lead singer to step up take control,because you see journey be came famous with him (steve perry)not these want to be singers like Arnel Pineda.He`s got a good voice,but the treble singing belongs to steve perry period.I have been to concerts with journey that had steve perry and most of the concerts were sold out with the famous steve perry.

  28. George says:

    I think Neal ought to get his story straight. From my understanding, they fired Steve because he had to have hip surgery. Because Steve didn’t jump when they wanted him to, they fired him. Let’s face it, hip surgery is nothing to sneeze at and recovery time is pretty lengthy. So NEal, get your story straight. You don’t want to admit that you and the others screwed up. Journey will never be the band that it once was without THE VOICE.
    To prove my point even further, when Steve’s mother passed away, you terds didn’t even really give him a chance to mourn. Yeah, you gave him a few days, but then Cain comes and tells him that he is sorry about Steve’s loss, but the music has to go on.
    Is this how you guys would act if one of your family members died?!!!! If you would act this way, that only tells me that all of you are selfish and self centered.
    By the way, Pinhead will never,ever, ever achieve the status of Steve Perry.

  29. Jason says:

    There is no comparison between the two singers and if Jorney ever wanted to fill arenas again the way they used to they need Perry.

  30. Losingit2k says:

    Steve Perry is and will always be the voice of Joruney! All these other guy, though good, aren’t Steve Perry. This is a great opportunity for a Reunion and if Neal doesn’t jump on it, Journey will surely go down the tubes. We sat through Steve Ageri becuase of our love for the songs. The songs recorded by Steve Perry! But now 2 more front men down the road we are not willing to sit through more Steve Perry wannabes. When the real thing is available. Neal honestly get your head out of your..@ss and reunite the group before its too late. We want to hear Steve sing “Mother, Father” not your drummer! Which reminds me bring back Steve Smith as well!

  31. Jewel says:

    I have seen both guys in concert and it has come to my attention that Journey is not Journey without the voice of Steve Perry.You can close you eyes and hear it when they sang they sound just like him but I dont pay good money to keep my eyes closed during a concert.To me they had to find someone that sounded like him to get the music passed.Now the asian guy is starting to dress like him back in the days.Dude if you didnt have that sound they needed you wouldnt be in the band.Not to be mean dress like your own and stop trying to act like Steve Perry.Do you still think that the band would keep you if you lost that voice?Steve is Steve and no one could ever replace him.IF THE BAND REALLY WAS MOVING ON THEN CHANGE THE NAME AND STOP PLAYING ALL THE OLD TUNES TO SELL TICKETS.THEY KNOW THAT WITHOUT THE MUSIC THEY WOULD NOT SELL. We love you Steve Perry……..

  32. shandopics says:

    I blogged about Journey on the Tron soundtrack! Check it out!

  33. Xpmeow says:

    No Steve no Journey. Yeah Arnel can sing, ok cool… But Journey isn’t Journey without Steve. I wouldn’t pay to see a concert with Arnel either. Might as well go see that other cover band with that guy Hugo. Steve should come back, or at least do a solo album, I would definitely BUY it (which is something that I would not do with the crappy music from today). So Steve, come back… We miss you and music desparately needs u :).

  34. Bo Mullen says:

    Journey is nothing more than a Friday night band at the Thirsty Turtle without Steve Perry. He is the heart and soul of their success and without him they aren’t even average. I wouldn’t pay them more than $500 for a Friday night “gig”

  35. rebecca says:

    i like steve perry better.he is the voice of journey and always will be .

  36. Joe Olszewski says:

    The asian kid is a fantastic singer. Although, he is no Steve Perry. Perry is Journey. He voice is what made them the legends they are today. Perry is the one who touched the hearts of nearly everyone throughout the 80’s and 90’s. Put Steve Perry as a front man today and watch ticket sales sky-rocket. He is an American icon who has been immitated but not even close to being duplicated.

  37. Tony says:

    Remember back in the 80s, when Coca Cola changed the formula from Classic Coke to the New Coke? It back-fired on the Coca Cola Company because the formula had been changed. So they (Coca Cola) went back to the original formula. Same thing here! Journey needs the classic line up with THE VOICE (STEVE IS THE MAN PERRY) in order to have the original formula.

    1. Jerry says:

      Coca Cola actually made the switch to New Coke on purpose to create media frenzy around the original with everyone screaming to have it back, and it worked. Sales of original coke were substantially greater after it came back than before. Neal could take a lesson from this brilliant strategy and kiss Perry’s ass if he wants success that bad. At least we have incredible memories and great music that only Perry could have left us. Thanks Steve for getting us thru all of these years!!

  38. pammy says:

    let me tell you-there is only 1 STEVE PERRY!!!! would pay just about anything to see him sing:) it would be a dream come true!
    so bring it on…make my day:)

  39. jackie says:

    without a doubt- Steve Perry!!

  40. Luna Pizzaro says:

    Both guys are good , but Steve Perry ‘s VOICE is GREAT. I wish journey would be the better men and get Perry back, but under their terms. The great sound was with Steve Perry and the Band.
    The young singer can now go on his on with the help of journeyand have his own career with a young band. An all old band is now so bad.

  41. Diana Woods says:

    Arnel can hold a note, no doubt, now if only he could put the ending sound at the end of each word…Im sorry, its too much like high grade karaoke to me at the most….. just another case of Van Hagar, sadly…but I wont PAY to see JOURNEY without Steve Perry! Just kiss and makeup please??? He is NO Steve, sorry!!!

    1. Allan says:

      At least Van Hagar had a bunch of great albums. Actually the Sammy Hagar years out sold the David Lee Roth years 10 fold. Van Halen may have been a better band with Dave but they made a hell of a lot more money with Sammy. Sorry.. The same can’t be said for Journey. Arnel will never do for Journey what Sammy did for VH. They need to bring Steve Perry back if they want to grow as a band.

  42. Janine says:

    I’m sitting at the comcast center in Mansfield with my husband and four sons. A long time fan of Journey…. So disappointed that you are not here…. Steve Perry, I might just stop believing… Without you this concert is not the same. This was supposed to be the highlight of the summer for my family. 😦

  43. Valdis says:

    First off Journey w/o Steve Perry is nothing less than the Stones trying to tour w/o Mick Jagger….also who wrote most of ALL of Journey’s hits? So not only can Arnel sing as good as Perry he cant write a song if he life depended on it…Sorry people thats just the facts…

  44. Lisa says:

    Saw Journey with Foreigner at Jones Beach. The singer is okay but no Steve Perry.. Steve is really great miss him Lets get them back together Now that would be a sold out tour all over…

  45. Allan says:

    I have seen all three post Steve Perry singers and I actually thought Steve Augeri did a better job then the new guy. He wasn’t as good as Steve Perry but he was much better than Arnel. Actually the best mix was Steve Augeri with Dean Castronovo singing lead a few songs. They should have worked things out with Steve Perry after splitting up with Steve Augeri. That would have been great timing. What is the story with the Rock n Roll hall of fame? Why aren’t they in yet? I was hoping for an induction reunion as some point. Induction to the Hall of Fame could be a great reason for them all to get together. I would love to see the original band members get back together. Imagine a tour with Greg Rolie, Steve Smith, Neil Shone, Jonathan Cain, and Steve Perry. How awesome would that be? How much money would that tour generate? Come on guys get it together. Give us what all your true fans want to see. Give us a chance to see the real Journey together again.

  46. Rick says:

    Steve any day. Not only can he sing he can write ’em too!!!

  47. Rick says:

    I wouldn’t pay 10 cents Neil to see you without Steve perry if your claiming to be Journey. It would be like going to see Santana without Carlos Santana. He should enjoy the spotlight Neil. How many sold out concerts and Top 10 Platinum Albums have you had without him ? So you go ahead and act like a baby because I’ll tell you as a guitar player I know this much if he sings the songs solo without you he sounds more like Journey than you do – fact !!! So lets see the Band get back together and put out some more great albums As I know a Journey with Steve Perry can!

  48. Vic says:

    No. No one can replace Steve Perry. He has the angel voice…..

  49. Kimbaababy says:

    dont care journey is never been the same without my man steve went to one of his concert years ago was horse for days lmao worked at insirance company and yes he is still sexy as all get outand definite would be worth it mmmmmm to have him up on stage again havent listened to nothing but old journey real journey love you stave come back

  50. alex says:

    I’m a huge Journey fan and I blame both Neil and Steve for having huge egos and as a results the fans suffer with rips offs like Augeri and Pineda. I have seen journey live with all three singers and Perry is the best. Even now 95% of the songs they play live are Perry songs. None of their new material ever gets any radio play. They should go back to the 1980 to 1983 line up and give the fans what they have long deserved.

  51. dave says:

    steve perry is journey period ! anything else is just a tribute band !

  52. dave says:

    steve perry is journey period !

  53. Dennis Ryan says:

    Sorry but no one compares to Steve Perry!
    as far as the two videos oh please come on
    the ophra show?
    Can you maybe see why steve left in the first place
    Journey will never be hole without Steve Perry.
    He is Journey…..
    You see every song is Steve Perry no matter who sings them
    You should put aside your pride and get the real Journey back!

  54. Spyderjo says:

    Steve Perry, hands down. One of the best singers ever to grace the stage. I only listen to the older journey stuff.

    1. Judy Dwyer says:

      Steve Perry IS Journey and without him, it will never be the same.

  55. FAUST! says:

    I grew up on JOURNEY (with STEVE PERRY!) and will alway love and value those great hits that only HIS voice can sing. I heard the story of the NEW singer that came outta poverty in the phillipines to sing for Journey when they contacted him and it totally reminded me of that Mark Walberg movie “Rock Star”. But a few months later, my sister in Law who wrked for LIVENATION was able to get me passes to see this new JOURNEY at Irvine Meadows (Front Row Center!). I have to say ..that I was very impressed with Arnel and the way he was able to IMITATE Steve Perry’s voice. It was a great show..but in the end, i couldnt help feeling that something was clearly missing. All this show made me do was wanna go home and throw on my old JOURNEY albums ..with STEVE PERRY!! And months later when the new JOURNEY Album came out and I saw it at WALMART well as a DVD Performance with Arnel (at an amazingly LOW Price!) , I put it down ..n walked away.
    Steve Perry IS Journey! It doesnt matter how many singers fronted the band BEFORE him (I never saw PERRY trying to sing GREG ROLLIES boring songs!) or how many new Frontmen sadly attempt to Replace or BE HIM afterwards. He made Journey the powerful, heart-healing, Love sick therapeutic, Stadium-filling badasses they became! …Period!
    I probably WOULD go see this new Journey again. But if i did, it would only be with the mentality that Im seeing a TRIBUTE BAND. Much like if I went to see a Tribute band for THE CURE, THE SMITHS, SABBATH, THE DOORS ..ETC! It would NOT be cuz somebody is up on a stage singing their OWN songs in their OWN style. It would be cuz somebody is up on a stage singing the GREAT Songs in the IMITATED Voice of a GREAT Performer that already paved the way looong ago for this NEW guy to be up there paying him tribute. …Nothing else!

  56. Jackie says:

    There is no journey without Steve perry and there never will be. Wake up Neal all ur good for anymore is running off with other peoples wives. U r old news. Put life back in ur band by bringing Steve back. I know I wil never buy a ticket to see journey again unless Steve is there

  57. paulvan says:

    All this Perry worship is touching, but I have to laugh at the wishful dreaming about bringing Steve back to be the lead singer for Journey. His hey day was about 30 years ago, folks. His voice was already getting ragged in the early 90’s … 20 years ago. I think that the intent is totally for Pineda to sound like SP, because that’s the voice that made Journey famous. Of course Steve WAS amazing, but wishful dreaming won’t bring SP back in his prime. At least with Arnel Pineda, people can re-live the songs that made Journey the premier arena rock band of the 80’s, and a new generation can enjoy those songs live. Plus, the new Journey is setting a modern course for the band with a couple new albums.

    It has often been said, immitation is the highest form of flattery. The very fact that this new voice for Journey is getting attention because he sounds so much like Steve Perry … well, that’s the point. The whole band wants Pineda to sound like Perry. The audience loves it … because he sounds so much like Perry. Call it a cover band if you want, but it is the closest you will get to the good old days without pulling out your original 8-tracks, LP’s and cassette tapes.

    Steve Perry was amazing. Seriously. But get over it. He’s not coming back. “The Voice” no longer has his voice. So let someone else do the singing.

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