Has David Bowie Retired from Music?

Jo Hale / Getty Images

If you think that because Iman is in The Fashion Show on Bravo now David Bowie is gonna come out and play again, I’m afraid I got a bit of bad news for you… He might not be coming out to play again… EVER!

Andy Greene of Rolling Stone Magazine says it has been four years since Bowie last performed in public. For that occasion he did a three-song set at the BlackBall charity concert at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City. Also, Bowie’s 2004 Reality tour was cut short when he suffered a heart attack, and last year Bowie told the New York Times he had no plans to return to the stage.

We’ve heard that before, the famous “I’m retiring,” and then they come back for a tour, sell out, make millions and retire over and over, and over again… Bowie himself did it in 1973! But Greene adds: “The fact he’s said virtually nothing this time around indicates he may well be done forever… though in a few weeks the annual ‘Bowie’s headlining Coachella!!’ rumors should once again surface.”

What do you think? Would you care for another Bowie album or tour?

In the meantime, and while you wait, and wait, and wait… Here’s David Bowie’s Space Oddity…

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