bachman 385 Bachman and Turner Reunite, Randy Bachman Talks To Street DateThere’s not a person on this planet that hasn’t heard at least one of the rock ‘n roll megahits produced by [lastfm]Bachman Turner Overdrive[/lastfm] in their 1970s heyday. “American Woman,” “You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet” and “Taking Care of Business” are the very essence of classic rock, and still stream from car radios and the lips of cover bands on an hourly basis.

Now, after 20 years apart, Randy Bachman and Fred Turner have reunited in the form of Bachman and Turner, and this week they release their new, self-titled album. Randy Bachman called in to Street Date to tip us off about what to expect from the newly reunited pair.

Our Q&A with Randy Bachman went something like this. While you’re reading, hit play on the video below to watch them perform their new single “Rollin’ Along.”

Street Date: What did you miss about performing and making music with Fred Turner?
Randy Bachman: There has always been a great connection between myself and Fred Turner. He is a mountain of rock with a slight indent; I am a mountain with a slight indent; and we fit together very well to make a huge mountain of solid rock that is a rarity in the music world. There are a few like Plant and Page; Jagger and Richards; and now we are back. We seem to make or create a space for the other to fit into.

SD: Does it feel good to be reunited after 20 years?
RB: Yes, it feels like getting into a vintage high performance race car and kicking into high gear and burning rubber again.

SD: Tell us a little bit about the guys in your band (Marc, Mick, Brent) and what they bring to the table.
RB: Marc is a very solid rock drummer; Brent is an incredible guitar player; Mick is a very accomplished multi-instrumentalist; and besides the fact that they are all world class top notch lead singers, they have been performing as a trio for over 20 years. They are the shoulders for me and Fred to stand tall on.

SD: Is there one track on the new album that defines the new sound of B&T?
RB: I feel that all the tracks together as a whole album define the sound of Bachman & Turner. We have many past and present influences that we echo in our song writing and performing.

SD: You just spent the summer on the road – have things in the touring business changed since the ’70s when you first started going out?
RB: The road is still a drag and what makes it worthwhile is the 90 minutes we derive from performing together and the connections to the fans.

SD: Would you say it’s better or worse today for an artist on the road?
RB: It depends on the lifestyle that one chooses to life. With a bit of effort you can eat properly and work out regularly and maintain your health which is all important.

SD: How do you discover new music these days?
RB: Friends and family tell us about music to check out.

SD: Please give us your list of your Top 5 favorite bands/artists of the last decade.
1 – [lastfm]Black Keys[/lastfm]
2 – [lastfm]Blood Red Shoes[/lastfm]
3 – [lastfm]Raconteurs[/lastfm]
4 – [lastfm]Techromancer[/lastfm]
5 – [lastfm]Joe Bonamassa[/lastfm]

Get more information on the latest album releases on Street Date.


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