Axl%20Rose%20Singing Apparently some of you still like this band...

…though I’m not sure why. More fan-alienating shenanigans from Axl Rose of Guns and Roses this weekend at the prestigious 3-day Reading Festival, about Seattle-to-Tacoma West of London….you’ll recall that three weeks ago at the 70th annual Black Hills motorcycle classic in Sturgis South Dakota, Axl pulled his famous hour-and-a-half late shtick….angry bikers threw bottles at the stage, and at least half of them left before Axl and company showed up…so Reading Festival organizers announced very publicly several days in advance that if Guns and Roses didn’t get on stage on time, he’d pull the plug…apparently not just because he thinks Axl behaves childishly, but they have a noise law to deal with….Guns and Roses were surprisingly punctual…only one hour late…festival promoters cut power to the PA and amps at midnight, a half hour later than the Reading England noise ordinance mandates. Somehow Axl located a megaphone, and went on to slam festival organizers, publicly cancelled their upcoming appearance at Leeds, and then staged a sit-down protest on stage, doing an acoustic version of part of “Paradise City” while audience members cheered, heckled, or left, depending on who you talk to. Due to excessive use of foul language, KZOK cannot post video or reprint articles from the British music press, only furnish lnks, with a warning: Guns and Roses and most of Britain are a bunch of potty mouths:




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