Google Dips It’s Hands In The iPad Frenzy

Boy Genius Report


“Oh no…” was the first thing to leave my lips after I heard that Google was biding its time to begin its own launch of tablet pads. Why can’t anything be simple anymore? I have a hard enough time picking what I want to eat for lunch let alone a $400-$700 piece of new technology. But alas, the time is coming and confirming the rumors it seems that Steve Jobs own natural enemy, Eric Schmidt, has indeed ok’d the prototypes for Google’s own version of the iPad tablet computer. According to the New York Times, Schmidt was talking about the new Google Pad at a party in Los Angeles and well…secret secrets are no fun. So now the word is out and the word is that the Google Pad will be running on Android rather than Chrome, which makes sense considered that Android already has Applications, making this the REAL competition for the iPad.

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